Healing Encouragement for Abortion-Related Trauma

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Making the healthiest and best choice for you can be an overwhelming feeling when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Being aware of the potential side effects and risks of abortion procedures could help you as you consider the best decision for you.

As with any life altering decision, there are potential risks to having an abortion. The specific risks are different depending on what kind of procedure (link to abortion procedures) was performed. They may include but are not limited to: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual outcomes.

We are committed to helping you get the resources, facts and educational information that you need to make the safest choice for you.

At each of our centers we offer you free one-on-one peer counseling, detailed and accurate information and plenty of resources concerning the potential risks of an abortion. We would love to meet with you and share the facts as you process your questions and concerns.

Physical risks from medication abortions: 
bleeding                      undiagnosed ectopic (tubal) pregnancies
infection                      failed abortions with risk of fetal malformations

Immediate risks from surgical abortions:
Heavy bleeding → Hemorrhage
Infection → Scarring of Pelvic Organs or Sepsis
Anesthesia → convulsions or heart complications
Damage to pelvic organs (cut, torn, punctured) with complications: hysterectomy, bowel/bladder repair
Rh sensitization with problems in future pregnancies

Long term risks from any type of abortion:
Preterm births
Relationship problems
Psychological and/or emotional impact
Spiritual consequences


Our Centers offer peer counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options. Our centers do not offer abortion services or abortion referrals.